She has this new attitude when returned from holiday?

My gf and i have been dating for 9 months, and it went good.
last 2 weeks we had 2/3 hours of talking per day wich is less than usuall, there was no contact due to her beeing away to Canada for a few days.

my problem is that when she came back and contacted me, she has a new attitude and some new words i've never heard of. She still loves me and says honey all the time.. but something changed with her... this new attitude is showing childliness, like a don't give a fuck attitude. and it worries me abit. i'm trying to cope up with it but it gets harder and harder and i confronted her with it.

how can someone change this fast?
how can she become so swearing?

is it me? is it something else? did something happen in canada?(she said nothing happened btw)


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  • I think she had a little to much fun in Canada to where she may feel like she deserves more out of a relationship and was hanging out with a guy who made her realize that i dont think she cheated on you i think she may be giving up on putting in the work she did before in your guys relationship i feel this may be signs she's depressed or becoming bored with life if something major happen before Canada or after Canada that could be the reason she's acting that way if she's changing her appearance and attitude then she met someone else but its nothing serious and u need to find a way to keep ur relationship alive again


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  • Something happened.

    Maybe or maybe not sex. But that's the way I'd bet.

    • She's not the type to have sex, i know it soubds weird but she has been raised diffrent so no. Do you think she lost interest?

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  • Sounds like something happened in Canada & her feelings changed =(


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