The classic, should I get back with my ex?

Short and simple, there are equal amounts of potential and red flags that say no. It's even too soon to consider if we will get back together, but opening the door to the possibility. I think I'm going to test it out and if it feels like nothing has changed, deuces. I'm not going back to the same lame. Any previous experiences you can tell me with ex's? Any advice would be awesome.


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  • I believe in second chances if things like cheating weren't involve. Sometimes people have a stupid argument and realize later they let their emotions get the better of them.. in those cases I can understand why people get back together. But if it was something serious then I wouldn't recommend it. If the break up was also due to conflicting personalities or values then I also wouldn't advise it because well, people don't really always change.

    • Thanks. That was honest and perfect. People don't change. And I believe he hasn't.

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