Is it a good idea to text my ex or call him? A special situation?

We broke up like 6 months ago. We haven't seen each other and I decided earlier not to contact him at all.
He contacted me like 2 months later and we had a disagreement via text. (He reopened my wounds).

Later, two months, he sends me a text saying 'welcome back'( in town because I traveled).
I asked him how he is but he disappeared.

I know he is playing with me, but why did he contact me in the first place?

I feel like I wanna tell him leave me alone or appear. He is being shady.

I am trying to get over him step by step. He comes and reminds me again.


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  • Yeah stop playing his game. Next time he texts ignore it or ask "who's this?" & when he replies DO NOT text back meaning you don't wanna reply now that you know it's him. That pain isn't worth it & you need to let go of that faith he's giving you to stick around a little longer. You deserve better & i hope you can move on & find someone who truly cares fir you, best of luck & goodnight/morning :)


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  • That is happening to me also, oh my gosh. And I though only women played mind games, seems like I was wrong.

    If I was you, I would talk to him and tell him how you really feel and if there is no change in his behavior then I guess, it's up to you, to cut him off or to continue to play his game.

    • Oh I didn't think someone else is in the same situation! I think sometimes he is taking revenge on me by playing these games, but other times I just see he is immature enough and has mixed emotions about the whole thing. I don't really want to call him because he may not answer on purpose or return my call.

      I wished I could forget him easily. I have never been so close to a man.

      So I may just block him on text, and if he is still interested he will call or so.

      Deep down I want to forget him. Our relationship
      was more effort on my part- many times I forgave him and he even acknowledged it.

      At one point I told him enough is enough, hoping he may change later. Instead he kept this shady way of contacting me.

    • He probably doesn't know what he wants from you and he acts like this, but it's not healthy for you or him. Best thing to do, is to talk, communicate and fix the problem.

      Two can play the same game, but for what? What are you gaining from this? Nothing, just a headache and more hurt.

      Another thing, talking from experience, there is nothing you can do or say that would make him change, it's something he has to decide on his own. Trying to change someone for your own sake, only creates problems and eventually hurts his ego, because people need to be "adore" for who they are and not judge for who they are not or should be.

      Think about it, clear your head and talk him, you're not losing anything. And if he doesn't answer, write him a letter telling how you feel, not how he makes you feel. Be open to change, not to blame.

      Good luck and cheer up :)

    • Thank you girl :)

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  • You need to rip the band aid off, so to speak. He is playing games for sure block his # and move on with your life. The sooner the better because the more you play this game the more pain your gonna endure in the end.


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