Is he playing mind games with me?

Well I decided to break it off with my ex boyfriend before getting married about 9 months ago. We re-connected on FB. We chatted here and there, and then he would stop texting me ( I don't bug him afterwards). After days and weeks pass, he finds time to message me again (wow, so thoughtful of him, huh). He has asked me a couple times, why did I stop texting him? Really, when is really him, who ignores me. So we finally met up, we talked for a while, even went on a "date" then he popped the question about what I wanted from him? if I wanted to try it again, to be friends or sex buddies ( really?)

My answer was, nothing for right now, but I also told him I was still in love with him, and yeah I kissed him ( he looked so cute ) even believed I earned some kudos from kissing him (lol). Well "supposedly" we agreed that were going to start from scratch! and so on, but it's been 3 weeks and still no sign of him? What the in H, happened?

Was it something I said? or what I didn't say?

Seriously, I still care about him but I can't seem to understand what he wants from me.


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  • Well since it's been 3 weeks and no sign of him, maybe he wants nothing.


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