He Can't take it anymore? advice?

I've know my bf since sophomore year. We were best friends. We only been dating and living together for a year now. But I don't really get along with his family and friends. His family seemed nice at first then later on in the year they hardly talked to me and ignored me. But he thought I was the one doing it cause he only saw there side. As for the friend he's single he likes to party a lot and sees me and his relationship going south. He's trying to wedge himself in between us and get his old party friend back. But he doesn't see it like that he thinks I'm to controlling. I have a bipolar disorder and he doesn't take it seriously. I waS going to get help Friday but it was to late. When we hang out he gets bored and falls asleep and hardly talks to me. But when he's with his friends he seems like he's the happiest person w/o me. I don't know what to do I sent him this text. i told him of get help but I'm trying he's not. Me:I'm sorry I acting like a ****. I just don't know how to control my anger. I get jealous cause when you and Dustin hang out you seem to have more fun with him and don't seem bored and stay awake. And I feel like a third wheel. but when we hang out you fall asleep at 10 and hardly talk to me. How would you feel if I did that to you. If that bothers you then we can either talk about it or if your tired of it not be together. I can't cry anymore over someone who doesn't cry for me.
Or put me first. I'm trying my best but it's never going to be good enough for you. Him I don't know what you want me to say toAfter he took his friend home later. He took an hour coming back. What a coincidence. Next thing you know he said we need to talk. I said about what. he said I can't do it anymore. all we do is fight. I told him I'm trying so hard but when my family not here your the only one I have and you spending 9am- 9:30 pm with Dustin makes me feel alone. So I started packing and got upset. He left didn't see him till Monday. happened since Saturday.
So I started packing and got upset. He left didn't see him till Monday. happened since Saturday. No call or text. My mom called him to see why my phone was off. He told her what happened. But someone told him not to go back in the background.
He was at his sis place then went to his friends house. So I called him Monday morning and asked him if he's brining the money I saved. He said I'm at work. I'm like I'm leaving today. Him oh I thought you were leavening later me no I said today.


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  • You deserve better. Its probably best that you moved out. You are putting all you had into the relationship and he didn't put anything into it.


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