How can I get over my ex girlfriend? It really is driving me insane?

Well last November my first love broke up with me because of distance. We dated for 3 years and visited each other a lot. Im a lesbian and she is too, we were each other's first for everything. When she broke up with me she was cold and still kept in touch with me but I hardly payed her any attention. Just this summer she came to visit me for a week and it was great, we had sex, kissed and pretended like nothing happened. When I opened up my feelings to her she said again that she doesn't want to date anyone and that we have no option but friends because of distance. I told her to move with me but she said no because she can't stand the heat in Florida and she can't leave her family. So when she got back to her home I told her I couldn't be friends with someone I'm in love with. Before she dumped me we had planned that I was going to move there close to her but then she broke up with me and didn't support that idea and now she's asking me to be the one to move to her. I don't think that's right. Did I do the right thing to cut her off as my friend for now till I'm over her completely?
How can I get over my first love?


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  • If a lesbian and her lesbian partner have sex for the first time in their lives, have they lost their virginity? Same with two men?


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  • someone was going to half to compromise and move some where i think u did do the right thing by breaking up because it was one sided on her part and she wasn't compromising much toward you sweetie in any relationship you half to compromise and florida being hot isn't a good excuse if you care about someone u will make it work even threw the distance find someone who sees you being worth the wait and everything the best thing to do when moving on is keeping busy and focus on ur happiness and avoid a relationship until ur over your last one hun :)


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  • Yes you did the write this invoking the no contact rule. She was being selfish for knowing your feelings and wanting you as a friend anyway. Getting over your first love is a pain in the ass, seriously. Especially if it lasted 3 years. But... it will happen. Keep yourself occupied with friends, branch out, try to meet some new ladies, develop a hobby, cry it out, etc.

    Ps, You sound better off without her. She seems selfish.

  • Talk to other people =)


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