Messaged me after 1.5 years?

I started talking to this girl I would say 3 years ago roughly. We would talk everyday phone text for hours.. The conversations would flow and never boring. We met on Twitter but the intentions were never to pick up one another. I commented on one of her tweets and it just went back and fourth, She thought I was someone that she from the same city and just messing with her. Here's the shitty part, Im from Vancouver Canada and she's from San Francisco California. We met a few times In vancouver and it was great.

One day she decided we shouldn't talk anymore out of the blue.. even though I was crushed I understood. She said We didn't even live in the same country and i agreed but tried to convince her we should try at least. Some feeling got involved and I was butt hurt lol. But she did confess she did start to like me too. But it just wouldn't work out.

So now fast forward to now I would say 1.5 years to almost 2 years later not sure on the time frame. Just 2 weeks ago she messaged me on whatsapp... We ended up talking and she ended up calling me. we talked till early morning and it was like we never missed a beat as she said and for me brought some old feelings back.. the result 2 weeks later I feel like shit lol. I haven't met anyone like her even in the time period we stopped talking or ever. And not one single girl since her and I stopped talking has made me feel the way she has about her. She also thinks for some odd reason I was the one that stopped talking to her..

Now my question is.. Once she decided we shouldn't talk anymore, Why would she message me after this long?

I don't want her in my life if we're just friends. Should I just be straight up with her or let it be and see how this plays out. Its really messing with my head right now.. I was over it and fine thinking we would never talk again. Just any Insight would be helpful. thanks for any help


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  • LOL! what a fcxkin delayed response.
    boy she's probably just seeking some form of attention and this time, she wants it from you. dont waste ur time. be straight up. 1.5 years is beyond unacceptable. u know this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • just see how it plays out bro maybe she started dating a guy 2 years ago and she didn't want to feel unfaithful to him and its possible they broke up and she wants to reconsider this.


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  • You should tell her that you don't want her in your life platonically, period. She can take that information and do with it what she will.


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  • Just ask her what the hell happened two years ago and why all of a sudden out of the blue contact you. You have a right to know.


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