"Taking it slow" with my ex?

So we are kinda giving it another go, yes she dumped me to begin with. it wasn't over anything huge.
So now we've come to an agreement that we're gonna take it slow, iv'e seen her once or twice after being apart for a month, once one-on-one, and another at a bar with mutual friends.
At the moment it seems that we're gonna see each other once every two weeks, she is understandibly busy so at the moment we're seeing each other in bout 10 days.
but after a while being apart and living our lives, is seeing each other casually every two weeks to long to wait between getting together, or is taking it real slow to begin with a good thing?
we know each other very well, so what should I do to progress things? the idea of taking it slow is that friendship is the foundation of a proper relationship, and we want to form a solid friendship and go slowly from there, she also doesn't want to be judged by her friends for rushing into things.

but can the spark reignite seeing each other once every two weeks?


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  • If The Feelings Are Truly There For Both Sides Then Yes Things Can Spark Back Up No Matter What, When Two People Have Strong Chemistry Between Each Other Thats Hard To Break...


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  • When me and my bf started dating we took things slow he worked Monday through Saturday so I would only get to see him for a little while after he got off and then we hung out on Sunday. I think for a healthy relationship there should be distance but going 10 days without seeing your gf/bf is kind of over the top for me. In order to build a solid friendship you guys have to see each more than 3 times a month same for a relationship.

    • Yeah we saw each other more often during the relationship, but cause were taking it slow, to begin with we'll see each other in 10 days, could be more often after that, but im scared she'll move further away during that time without me. what do think i should do?

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    • Well actually, she has an essay due on wednesday, so shell be all on edge, and i wanna get her while she's calm. so she gave me a pick of days during the following week early this week and i said thurs, then rescheduled Friday cause im busy thurs and she's free all friday.
      so i chose that later date, she was happy to see me any time during that week

    • Well if seeing each other every 10 days or how ever many days seems to work then you should keep it up but after a little while you should see each other a little more than you do now. The thing with me is if me and a guy are dating I wanna be around him but I also wanna do my own thing, and not be obsessive. So 10 days without seeing my man is something I couldn't go through. And honestly girls are sneaky so those 10 days you don't see her she could be with someone else. It seems like a hard situation that you're in.

  • see her every week if possible... use skype..


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