Was he just being friendly?

So I just had the best night ever. My crush and I went to a concert last night. I haven't seen him in almost two months since he ended things with us. We haven't really talked since last night either. But he still came with me.

When I saw him again, I knew my feelings for him didn't change. He gave me a hug and we caught up on things. It felt like we never stopped talking. I slept over there last night and we cuddled all night. For the entire night he kept flirting with me. And then this morning before I left he told him it was really great seeing me again and that it was a good night. He hugged me and then kissed me and it wasn't a quick kiss, it was one of those long passionate kind.

He texted me asking me if I got home okay and I replied saying yes. Then he told me to have a good day and that he had a good night with me.

Now I'm just confused once again... was he just being friendly or is something more going to happen with us? I know time will tell but I can't help but like him all over again.


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  • The Only Way You Will Know Where His Intentions Are Is To Continue Talking To Him, If That doesn't Help Then iSuggest Just Asking Him Flat Out If Things Could Possibly Start Up Again...


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  • Guys almost always keep the door open. Go for it.

  • He's so into you!!!


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