My Girlfriend of 8 months just broke up with me a week ago, said she "wants to be alone". Haven't spoke in a few days, what should I do?

I am in my early mid 30's and her mid 20's

At first would see her every weekend (Fri night, Sat Afternoon-Sunday night) and occasionally during the week. The first 2-2.5 months it was amazing! I thought I had found a keeper.

Suddenly I started noticing a difference in her. She started becoming a little colder and distant at times. She would complain that she felt smothered at times and she doesn't have time to herself.. that she always calls, texts, sees me.

About 2 month ago I felt somewhat suspicious and while she was in the other room I went through her phone. I found a text dialogue between her and a guy that originally messaged her through an online hookup site. The texts weren't anything too bad and at the end she shot the guy down, but still I was not happy to see that shit at all. Also I went through another messaging app and saw she contacted her ex-hookup saying "I been thinking about passing by to see you I've missed you".

I know I should have probably ended it but I love her.. so I gave it some time to see what happens.

Fast forward to about a week ago. I went on her phone behind her back for a second time and found a new text dialogue between her and another ex-hookup of hers saying "she misses him and can't wait to see him". He was all about "I can't wait to F**K" and she was saying that she is more than physically satisfied but she is missing other things.
I confronted her about this and she turns around saying "I don't want to be with you I want to be alone" I told her I knew everything but still was willing to forgive her and work it out between us. She said I am amazing but she wants to be alone regardless she misses being single.

Its been 3 days have not heard a word from her nor have I reached out to her. She hid her FB relationship status instead of changing it to single. I know this because I would have got notified. I want her back in my life I miss her. What should I do?


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  • Befriend her with another profile so that u know what's really going on that way u can get over her there's plenty of beautiful women out there who I'm sure will date u sweety I know its easy for me to say but hard for u to move on love is a bitch but when u see the big picture u will say to yourself WTH was I thinking :) hope this helps but obviously she's moved on but when those men dump her or leave her after they get what they want from her guess what she will be calling u and texting you telling u she's sorry and that's when u tell her sorry I've moved on or sorry I have someone new and she's wonderful and that's when she will realize she lost something good...

    • I caved in last night and spoke to her, for like 3 hours. She said she missed me but she likes the fact she has space. We both vented out and told the other what was on our minds. I asked her to reconsider everything and see if we can work it out, by taking tings slow. It seems she is open to the idea but I know we are not out of the woods yet.
      I know this sounds silly, but I don't really know and understand what a woman means by asking for space? What should I be doing?

    • Give her space when she's ready she will come to u that has happened to me where I want to be hugged and loved but then get too much of it and need space its a girl thing but that's good u all talked communication is the key to a good relationship good luck hope all works out try not to be so clingy I know u love her but let her get closer to u now

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  • You Should Leave Her Alone, She Clearly isn't Trustworthy Because She Is Going Behind Your Back Talking To Other Guys, She Clearly isn't Into The Relationship Like You Are...


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  • dont contact her, if you must delete her number dont look back , the truth hurts, You are going to see something that you dont want to see jealousy won't make moving on any easier. Just drop her from your thoughts. Take up a new hobby do what you love to do, invest in something that makes you feel good and most of all keep yourself busy. Socialise a lot with your guy friends and when you are ready to get back on that horse again your head won't be fucked up with feelings for her still.
    As badgirly says she will contact you again... when she's done with the other guys but itl be about of bordom respect yourself enough to say **** you bitch (in your head) ignorance is bliss. If she works hard to get you back then that means she's realised she's made a mistake


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