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So my ex broke up with me out of the blue 2 months ago. (The week before she told me how much she loved me and couldn't see herself with anyone else and accepted a 2 year anniversary gift that would have been tommorow) She told me she needed space and cut off all contact with me. If found out she was talking to another guy 3 weeks after we broke up.

We got back to school and I acted indifferent in hope that she would miss me and for the first week she went out of her way to be my friend. We sat down and spoke to "get closure" and she told me she stopped loving me back in March (I think it was a cop out because I thought everything was fine) and held everything in. I told her we couldn't be friends because I wasn't ready. She still tried to be my friendand went as far as giving me answers on a test.

A few days later she started taking shot at me on Twitter and now won't even say hi. I did take a few back but nothing bad for her to hate me. She started it and somehow in the bad guy.

Any ideas what she's thinking I'm really confused?
Do you believe she is completly over me and once you lose attraction is there a way to get it back?
Why would she go out of the way to start with me and make me the bad guy?

Any ideas/ advice?


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  • What I would do in your situation is I would take to Twitter and respond back by saying " I would if you any respond to my attempt to trash out to you". Then send a private message to her and ask her why is she is acting schitzo? One minute she says she loves you the next wanting some space? Call her out on her shit

    • That was before she broke up with me she was telling ménage loved me and wen I asked her about why she said that she said she didn't know

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    • It fairly simple. Either it's over, or there is drama. Cut the drama by having no contact or call her out on her BS. You need to move on and cut her off.

    • I just don't want to lose her completly.. That's the problem I still love her and eventually want her back

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  • She Still Has Feelings For You & She Wants Your Attention. Stop Giving It To Her, Ignore Her & Take Time To Self Heal.

    • Will that push her away though I really don't want to do that

    • And what is going on with this guy? If she moved on wouldn't she not be starting problems?

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  • It's very hard to know what she is thinking or wants from you at this minute. From what I can say, she did a lot by telling you that she fell out of love or didn't love you anymore since March, so that's your start.

    Now you really have to think about this, and ask yourself, Is she the one for you? If yes, are you willing to work at it and win her heart back? if yes, then first give yourself time, and give her time.

    Finger pointing and looking back, doesn't help either, best thing to do is to go forward. Also establishing contact might help, but only when you are ready, it's your call. And remember although she was the one to break it off and it may seem unfair and cruel, dwelling on it only makes it worst, you decide, if she is worth it or not.

    Good luck

  • She still has feelings or she just wants to be apart of your life. I don't think she's completely over you. I think she feels like the ball is in your court and yes an attraction can come back, I believe if it comes back then it never really gone in the first place. She probably has too much pride to apologize and you're not behaving how she expected so now she wants to throw you under the bus

    • How do I get the attraction back? Is there a way? And how do I deal with her I've been anxious and tommorow is going to suck because it would have been our 2 year

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    • I just don't get if she broke up with me why is she playing games?

    • And when and what do you think will make her want to come back knowing what I told you?

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