Did I do the right thing by saying Hi to my ex? Im confused?

Was I being mature by doing this?

Sooo I ran into my ex recently at school. The situation was really awkward and I got nervous by it. I noticed them at the same time his friend who he was with noticed me. I said hi to his friend (who i also know) first but then i quickly turned around back to what I was doing. Then out of nowhere I just decided to say hi to my ex, and he just nodded. On the outside i kept cool, with a smile on my face.

Backstory: My ex and I haven't talked in some months. His current gf (who was also his best friend prior to them dating) forbid him to talk to me because she found out that we kissed when they first started dating. He broke up with me three years ago because i had bad communication skills (its so hard for me to tell people how i feel) and I spent two of those years trying to get him back, even though he had other gfs. I really wanted to make it work with him. However, he would still confess to me how he truly felt and how he really wanted to be with me but he couldnt. I continued to be friends with him after he was " leading me on" because i cared so much for him. Its sad because we did all of these things im not proud of while they were together.. and i seriously regret it. I actually sought advice from his best friend when it came to him so i felt extremely hurt and as if she had an advantage. Another thing is, I dont really see how im the one who got confronted by her but yet he was messing around with another girl (who he claimed he didn't even like before) while dating his best friend.

I see him with the new gf and he treats her much better than he did me. He buys her things and i found out that he wants to make it work with her.

I've known him longer than her too. We were friends first and then we got into a relationship. I fell hard for him too at first too. He helped me get over the ex before him who did me so wrong.

So was it mature of me to say hi? I mean im over him, but the situation still hurts me a bit.
It just hurts that i made myself a fool for this guy. He was the main one that wanted me to be in his life and for us to stay close. I guess i got treated this way because I allowed him to :/ It was stupid of me to trust him.


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  • I totally know. It was the right thing to say hi. Keeping your cool and being kind is generally a good idea.


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