I don't know what to do anymore, I need help. Can someone please help me?

Sorry this is long, so I have been on/off with my bf (ex bf) <--- i don't know what we are right now, & i don't want to know yet. It has been 2 years & 3months since we have been together & when we are together in person everything is great, but he had went to the military about a year & a half ago. He started talking to other girls on fb, so i broke up with him. He ended up saying he changed, but ended up doing it twice more, both times i took him back & the last time he said he changed, i really believed him. I have not seen anything since then. He was being faithful & everything. Then when he came for two weeks to visit everything was perfect. Two weeks after he left i started to get worried again when he told me he was going out. I would text him & he would drag, i was so scared that he was going to cheat, i would call & check up on him. Then i started to become clingy asking where he was at a lot. He told me i was being a bit clingy & i noticed i was, but i just didn't want to get cheated on again. So i backed off a bit. After that we started drifting apart, we were texting, but were not talking on the phone anymore. As we were texting i noticed we didn't have much to say, then when he would call i would do most of the talking & i'd get mad that he wasn't saying anything. I ended up telling him we needed to break up because i didn't think he loved me anymore. He got really mad & hung up. Two days later he ended up talking to another girl. Two weeks went by & my friend argued with him & sent him a pic of me (i know weird), but he ended up calling me saying she was talking crap (which she was before). Then he kept wanting to talk more about us then about her arguing with him. He said he missed/loved me. I told him how could he if he already "moved on". So he wants to get back together & i have no idea what to do... What if he cheats & goes back to that girl? Should i stay single or give it one more try? I'm so confused, i just don't to get hurt again. I'm scared.


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  • As someone who's been in an on and off again relationship, the negatives begin to outweigh the positives. When trust is gone, so is everything else. If u want to try, let him do all the work. It's his job to change your mind. But don't get your hopes up

    • Thank you, this helped me realize that if i did have him fight for me (do all the work), he wouldn't, & if he cared enough, he would, so thank you (:

    • Exactly. I finally let my ex go when I realized I was doing all the work to keep us together. If she's not putting in any effort then why should i?

  • This Is Easy Advice To Give, Leave Him Alone & Dont Take Him Back, He Is A Cheater & Cheaters Rarely Change, He Has Already Showed His True Colors Earlier In The Relationship, iKnow It's Hard But It's Worth It, You Can Find Better...


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