Is he mad or over me?

Ok so my man hasn't called me today will be the second day im worried that he's done with me or mad at me :( well here's the thing I ignored his call for 2 days because I was mad at him when I found random numbers on his phone but when he called two days ago I got to talk to him but his friend was saying bitch in the background that made me upset I said WTH is his problem he's like he's talking about his sister not u I'm like ok sure he's like I'll call u later baby I said ok and he never called back :(


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  • It seems to me you are pushing him away a bit. I mean you got mad at him so to punish him you didn't talk to him for 2 days instead of just findig out what the numbers were about (told him you dont trust him). You overheard someone in the background saying bitch and assumed it was at you even though he told you it wasn't (called him a lier). I basically told you he was upset with how he was being treated by telling you he woudl call you later after you called him a lier. You have gone 2 more days without even trying to clear up things with him to fix the issue that is brewing. I would say he is mad at you and may be thinkiing of moving on basically because there really is no communication between you to keep things clear and insure misunderstanding don't happen. It seems to me that both of you are missing a very important part to your relationship and that is the ability to talk to each other.

    • Very true I get that part he says he's tired of it I'll see him today and ask what's going on so I can move on if we r done

  • So what exactly were these random numbers? Did you bother to ask him?

    • Just homegirls he says asking if he was home

    • Hmm and did you know these girls? If not, you have a reason to be mad at him. And the fact he hasn't called you back probably means he's hanging out with those "homegirls."

    • They live in the same apartments as him and I am mad and not to be mean but there not attractive at all not as attractive as me so I wonder

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