Do divorced men love their new woman a lot?

After a bad divorce... let's say one where the woman cheated on him... would a man be very grateful and happy to find a new woman? Would he love her a lot?

If a man finds a new woman a few years later and puts a lot of effort into the relationship and even thinks of getting married does he love her a lot?

I've seen a lot of couples where the man is divorced and spoils his new woman a lot and is very obsessed with her. Especially if she is younger.


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  • Unlikely.
    Any divorced person, male or female will show "psychological damage" ( stress, insecurity, fear of commiting again, lack of trust, etc )


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  • I once was seeing a man who was separated. He was very insecure and came on very strong. Then he ended it with me because he wasn't ready for a relationship.


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  • Depends on the situation of the divorce.


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