I was used as a rebound?

well I was dating this boy who had just ended it off with his last girlfriend 2 weeks before we started dating and I had no idea till a month in.
It was all fine and we dated 4 months but then when the honeymoon phase ended he just got distant and I broke up with him because of lack of communication and I couldn't shake the rebound idea. It was scaring me.
and surprise, he's dating someone else now! (two weeks later)
I'm just feeling blue because I thought I meant something to him and he told me things he rarely told ANYBODY and a lot of personal stuff. but i dont know. he said he really wanted us to last and such, but then I got paranoid about being a rebound and dumped him.
I wanna try to talk to him again once the no contact period ends (it's been about 10 days) because we were good friends but I also felt like I was used to fill a void and so are all of his girlfriends. but at the same time I feel like the breakup was irrational.
how do I get over him? and how should i approach him again after NC?


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  • Yep, that's a testbook rebound.

    Just don't think about him. Get rid of things that remind you of him. Occupy yourself with your friends, your family, school, hobby, sports or whatever. So you'll be too busy to even think about him.

  • Same thing is happening to me, but he actually got back with the ex. how im dealing with it? im not. So if you find a way to move on and let go of the feeling of being used please let me know :((


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