Complicated relationship.. Need advice, please?

He's my roommate and we are working together. We know each other a bit before flew to work in another country and that's why we have to live together. He is kind and always taking care of me very well. That's make we are so close. He's never tell his girlfriend that we live together. He's seem like to worry everything about me even when I fall asleep. I tried to think that it's because I am his friend.
One day, we slept together and it's continue for a while. Then I decided to talk to him so many time to stop being like this. I admit that I fall for him but I don't want to destroy their relationship. He said he sorry and we will stop to do like this. I tried to fade myself away but every time he is coming to talk to do something just make me smile. He still take care of me and do everything the same just not have sex anymore.
I don't know why he do this to me. Even I fade myself away and act like he's just my colleague. I do need any advice please...


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  • Maybe he's fallen for you too. Try taking him out of the apartment into a neutral place like a bar and talk to him, ask him about what he wants and thinks, mention his girlfriend so he sees you understand reality. Show him you have your feet in the ground.


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