My very recent ex checks up on me on Facebook and added photos of our good times together - why?

My ex split up with me just under a week ago after we had a big fight, via email, saying don't contact him/leave him alone. We'd actually talked after the fight and were going to work on it but I said something stupid via text.

I can see that he is checking up on me on Facebook chat every so often, to see if I'm online. Like, almost every time he goes on facebook, which is every hour or so.

Another thing he did was to add some pics to his flickr (he knows I follow him on there, we follow each other). Photos from our holiday, and a photo of when we had a nice dinner and he put a smiley face on it (which he never does). Also a photo of a present I got him. None of them have me in, but they are quite personal.

Could this mean anything? Am I reading too much into this? Obviously I want him back...


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  • I think he wants you back too. He is sending you the signals of regret.


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