Is my boyfriend a chauvinist?

He always makes these statements:
- women should earn less, because they will have children one day
- women should do this/that around the house, because they are better at it
- he indirectly made it clear that he is pissed when I don't want to/can't have sex
yesterday he said to me: "he tells me when I am allowed to go to bed", when I asked if he is joking he looked me straight in the eye and said : "I am not kidding".
This threw me sooo off, apart from other things, I really am scared about him now.
Do you think this is a reason to leave him, or am I overreacting?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't understand how you can put up with that old ass-backwards thinking! What are we still in the fucking yesteryears? If he scares you then just leave. but if your a glutton for punishment and chauvinistic ways of a man then stay. Your life, your choice. Make a decision, that's going to BENEFIT you.


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  • Controlling partner is the road to misery. If you stick around you will slowly become trapped, restricted and will have no friends. He won't allow it. Run

  • He is how he is, you either put up with it or not.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm pretty sure you see the red flags, so don't ignore them. Listen to your gut, not your heart... you know what it's telling you Iraq you wouldn't be on gag asking what you should do.

    • You know what it's telling you or you wouldn't be on gag asking what you should do.

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