Am I wrong for not wanting anymore contact with my cheating ex?

Is a summary of what happened.

I initially wanted us to both find a way to be friends and hadn't brought anything that she did up. We were really good friends before we started dating and whilst we were dating so I at least wanted that.

It's been a month since the split and when ever we spoke it was usually me instigating the conversation and usually her then bringing it onto something I'd done since we broke up. Like play poker with my friends or go and visit my old uni friends.

I uploaded a quote from ludacris on Instagram (which I'd have done anyway) about loyalty being black and white and she messaged me a few days later out of the blue saying she wasn't happy about it and she was blocking me on Instagram.

I must admit that I felt this was the final straw. We'd both agreed to try and be friends and she wasn't making any effort. Every time we spoke she kept trying to lay blame for anything on me, in my opinion to help appease her own guilty conscience, and I'd had enough.

She'd cheated on me and broken my heart.

So I sent one final text which was written very fairly. I stated that I couldn't have done or been anymore for her, couldn't have loved her anymore or wanted anything more for her. How she knew cheating on me was the worst thing she could do and she did it anyway ( she was always ridiculously paranoid that I'd do it to her and massively untrusting ). And how no matter what she tells people deep down she'll know all the things I said at the start and that I'd never done anything wrong to her. And that I've blocked her on everything you can communicate on.

Basically what I'd like to know is.

1) Was I right to message her and block her?

2) Why does she not care even though we were together for 5 years?

3) Will she actually miss me/be upset about losing me?

4) Have I handled everything well or have I handled it badly?
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Am I wrong for not wanting anymore contact with my cheating ex?
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