HELP! Why do I keep dreaming of this guy?

I met this guy that I thought was almost perfect for me. Months later, I realized he didn't feel the same way, so we just stopped talking altogether. We spoke here and there over the summer, but never saw each other. In my mind, he's pretty much a jerk that left me for his ex and didn't want to break it to me.
Over the past three days, I've been having dreams about him. Dreams going something like... him standing me up, talking to someone else, or making me sad. I don't get what these dreams are saying. I know we don't belong together, but why does he keep ending up in my dreams anyway?


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  • Stop pushimg him away in your thoughts, its ok to think of him. Just dont fantasize about anything romantic or how it would have been if you two where together. If i suppres my thought they will appear in my dreams to.


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  • i think the most logical thing is that he hurt you with his behavior and what he do is in your subconscious and that why you keep dreaming of him and more specifically hurting you.. something he already did... do you know what i mean? some people say that when you dream of someone they miss you but i dont think it makes a lot of sense.. i think what i told you before is the most logical way you can put it.. anw give it some time and i think they will go away.. did the whole situation happened recently?:)

    • Wow thanks for this! Yeah it happened recently.

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    • seriously it is! and we can't imagine it but it basically does everything!;-)

    • thanks for MHO!:)

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