Has he really moved on or is there something still there? Please help?

My ex broke up with me 3 mths ago and him and I have stayed in contact since.(he had trust issues n was so in love with me during the entire relationship) We have kissed at least once a week and he has gotten jealous if he sees me talking to guys. Than apologized because he says he doesn't have that right anymore. I have told him we should try to work things out but he says "he can't say he feels the same right now" i have told him we should hang out but at the moment we haven't he says he's trying to save $ since he's been low on cash for having to get his car out of a tow place and rent. When we are together we are always hugging and kissing. I really want to make him miss me but I don't know if that will give him more space to leave. He has said before I'll always be the friend he cares about and he has made comments of how I hurt him. Apart of me feels he's hurt and can't let go just yet but it kills me that we are at times like in the relationship and yet I can't have him around like I wld want him to be.. please help


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  • he seems to have moved on.


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