Dating someone while still in love with your ex?

Well it all started about 7 months ago. An ex broke up with me after 4 years due to her insecurities. Then started dating someone else within a de weeks. 6 later I start dating someone. My ex comes out of no where and said she's always been watching my social media and missing me. After thinking about it I couldn't do it. Even though I was her first for everything I wasn't going to break up with my new girl for her. When she basically got a rebound when she broke up with. So she then ran back to the guy she was with. Why even ask for an ex back when you're with someone already? I personally think she's just trying to have her cake and eat it as well. Any thoughts?
Sorry for the grammatical errors. I started dating someone 6 months later and she got a new guy within a few weeks. Not to mention she did the same thing before. We broke up for 4 months and she went out and got a rebound, made a sex tape with him
And I still forgave her Becuase we weren't together.


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  • It was all fun and games for her to date someone new. Then, when she see's that some other girl is putting value in YOU, it makes her wonder how important she actually was to you. She wanted to the one you couldn't replace, but you did. That bothers her, so it was really all about her ego, wanting to beat out the other girl, it wasn't about her feelings for you. Wise move not falling for her shit.


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  • Just stay with the one you have and ignore the other one. She had her chance and wrecked it. She wants you more now because you have moved on.


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  • It sounds like she is fine if you are alone but she don't want you to be with someone else. You were smart not to fall for it. People who can't make up their mind can't have a steady relationship.


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