He's drifting away. What do I do?

My boyfriend has been drifting away as he has been hanging out with some new friends. They influence him to treat me badly so I get mad. He mistakes my getting mad for me being clingy. I can tell he is drifting away from me and I'm not sure he even likes me anymore. Today he told me he "needs a break" so we're currently on pause. What do I do to help fix this? Why are his friends coming before me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • What do u want from someone who changes his idea about his girl for some friends. Friends fade love stays do u even call that love?
    If u feel it's the reason why he changes then u gotta welcome the breakup


What Girls Said 1

  • Are his friends single? if they are, they perhaps want him to join their 'single club'. Sometimes guys like to influence each other like dont have to listen too much to ur partners etc and they might tease too.
    Since he wanted a break, give it to him, at the same time u need to ask urself whether u still love him. Personally, I am not impressed by guys who listen blindly to his guy friends but at his young age ( i assume he is 18 to 24 yo like urself) he might lack the maturity to think rationally


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