Thinking of ending a friendship?

Simply put. I thinking of breaking up a friendship with this girl I knew for awhile. I was expecting things to go somewhere. They didn't no big desl. But then she gets jealous and stuff when I didn't talk to her after I want some time alone to cool off. She thought I was trying to hurt her. Now it jist seems like she's been getting moody after she broke her leg I even offered to come over one night to hang with her and help her feel "human" and not like she was locked up. And I never heard back... I feel even our texts have gone dry...
Should I just wait it out?


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  • Yeah I ended a friendship with a guy over a misunderstanding? BC I was upset and 3 days passed and he texted me that he did something and needed someone to share it with... And it made me sad BC I missed him so I accepted him back as my friend... And it's going fine :D again! And tbh I think now that I may have exaggerated the little incident and really shouldn't have broke it off in the first place :/ ... So yeah just let her have her peace and let it pass and it should get better eventually... my opinion

    • Well I don't think she is mad over the misunderstanding she had her time of madness/jealously. I think she's just mad over her foot. But it's annoying cause if I feel like I am annoying her by texting her. She should just say it.
      Instead of giving back one word we'd answer s

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  • i dont get why people can't just be friends and be happy that the person is still in their life

    • It's call being human. We are destined to find a mate and to feel attraction. It just happened in this case to be one sided. His best bet is to leave before their friendship become toxic. He can choose to stay if he can handle it

    • i dont see how friendships could be toxic unless its for the best, like the person doesn't feel like a friend anymore or theyre bad influences

    • Because people are afraid of getting hurt. she was asking me not to leave her and to not be her friend. Said sure. But I wanted my distance. Then she goes and confesses for having mixed feelings over a realtionship. . When I never asked her about. She was genuinely being apologic. Which is fine.
      I've had a great friendship with my ex for whom we still talk. We are friends we know our place and such. I feel it being a sour friend be of romance getting in the way is just a easy excuse to say I fee like a fool for being rejected and to run away.

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  • You tried to reach out and initiate a hangout and she didn't even reply. I wouldn't bother. She sounds very dramatic. If she contacts you maybe you could see how things go, but not answering you is just rude. Unless she possibly thought you were trying to get with her (cause you said you expected to before) even though you weren't. Either way, that's no excuse to ignore you. Unless she texts you back, don't try again.

    • After the dissagrement. She wanted to talk again, and about how she was upset. This lead to us to talk about were we both felt we were for each other. She said she had mixed feelings. So that's fine I just left it at that. I feel there's no reason to bring it up again

      if she felt I was trying to do something.. I guess? Even though I told her if ypu ever feel uncomfortable or anything tell me and that I wouldn't push or force her into anything she didn't want.

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    • Bear with me here for one sec. She ended up texting me last night around 8.. she wanted to talk but I had to drag it out of her... why couldn't she just say she wanted to talk cause she was upset about her leg? I mean that's why she texted me? Why did if he to be me saying... "okay. I know somethings up? Do you Wanna talk about it?"
      which got her to talk.. she's jist been in sour mood cause if it.

    • Hmm I'm not sure why she had to be pushed to talk about it. Maybe she's a little reserved, and wanted to make sure she wasn't bothering you with what's wrong, so she wanted you to show interest in her and her life. She sounds quite confusing lol.

  • Since u have made an effort but she isn't reciprocating then let her be.
    Is it necessary to end a friendship because of some misunderstanding?

    • Well. I just feel like she has this negative attuide out of nowhere. Yet when I saw her after the misunderstanding (last weekend). She was very friendly and open to me. Wanted to take a lot of pics apologize (which i did mine at the end of the night) and genuinely being a good person. Now after like 3 days if that BAM this is happening

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  • did u tell her u wanted to make her feel human?

    • Well I jist told her my plans. I said why don't I come over with some ice cream and I order Chinese and a move we both like and just maybe to talk. Just to watch a movie and to make her feel nice, considering you she can't do much except sit in the house.

  • She seems like a typical pain in the ass. Move on and remove the drama from your life.


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