Is my ex trying to make me jealous. Please help. Its driving me crazy?

Ok weeks ago today me and my ex of 9 months brings up mutually. Ehile she was gone she Apparently built up a false hate towards me and has basically been a b. Well she made a few attempts to be nice and I basically threw her aside saying I didn't care about her that I met some o me else (a rebound) and she basically told me to go screw myself. I text her a few days ago and just said I been thinking about ya I hope your ok. Well now she texts me yesterday and says she wants to drive Here and give me something that is mine (it's a 3 hour drive 1 way) but to top it off when we were dating I told her she should get her nose. pierced because she would look sexy which she never did. Now last night she goes and. gets her nose pierced. Is she just trying to make me jealous or what?


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  • Lol I guess. She's funny. I like her. She's not trying to make you jealous no person can make you jealous but yourself. She's giving you taste of what your missing out on!

    It's seems like it wasn't ALL mutual. And to get over you she had to build this hate because you guys broke up and she knows she's a great gal.

    I say just let her do her. Either she's gonna make a fool of herself or you're gonna fall for her again. You'll see.

    Good luck !!


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  • Yes, she is trying to play around with you and make you jealous.

    • You think I should play along, because a part of me does want her back. Or just play it off like I don't care what she does?

    • try behaving that you don't care and see her reaction.

    • But why would she be trying to make me jealous if she doesn't want to get back together? Why even drive 6 hours round trip to bring me my stuff? Thanks in advance

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  • Haha she's just trying to get over you. let her


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