Taking A Break With My Boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been going through a hard time in our relationship. We've been dating for almost a year and recently we got into a huge fight that basically made him want to end our relationship. We ended up trying to make things work but he said he wanted space. Well I guess I didn't give him enough space. So we talked a week after and he is being very reluctant about wanting to fix things. Everytime I ask him what he wants and if he wants to be with me he just says "I don't know" and says "part of me wants to be single so I don't have to deal with the stress" So I said we should take a break, just so he can figure out what he wants. Did I make the right decision?


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  • I think you made the right decision for him not you i don't think this is at all what you wanted on your part im like this he should want to go threw a lot with you in order to get to the good and in life you can't just call for a break even when life is tough you gotta face everything with someone or else you won't be prepared for any relationship in life you argue with friends but til some extant some arguments can go way beyond that you gonna leave trying less to make something you care about not work or at least leave knowing you tried guys are stubborn about arguments and words they take it seriously when there being serious and on there own terms to me i feel like us women can't always have things are way but at the same time anyone can be stubborn you guys just half to make it work beyond everything especially if you see each other having a future together


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