In need of good advice. Ex bf treats me horribly and I don't know how to take it?

Saw a guy approximately 2 months after him and his ex-girlfriend of 7 years broke up. We didn't get in an official relationship until 2 months after seeing each other and getting to know each other. Once in our relationship, everything was going great. He was going through a lot of financial problems because his ex took him for almost everything and they had two kids together, so transitioning from seeing his kids daily to a few times a month was very difficult for him. I did a lot for this guy. I comforted him, allowed him to vent about everything, I helped him renovate his condo (and paid for most of the work), I paid off his phone bill (he said he would pay me back, but never did) and I tried making every moment together very enjoyable. After a few weeks of dating, he was really going into a deep depression - to the point where it was affecting me (because I really cared for him). I told him I was always going to be there for him. He started drinking a lot more and when he drank he would either get hostile, or express how much he loved me and how I was the best thing that has ever walked into his life. He then started breaking up with me - getting back together - breaking up, etc. It was really messing with my head, because I had no idea what he wanted. Every time I tried to talk about our relationship, he would snap and say "I have too much to deal with than to talk about relationship crap". It got to the point where I was getting so confused and frustrated because I had no idea what he wanted and he was not giving me straight up answers so, I had to just walk away. When I asked him while he was working if I could go to his condo and get my things - he said "okay" so, I took all my things from his condo. He started calling me crazy - he even called the cops on me for taking MY things. After that happened, we stopped talking - two and a half weeks later I noticed that he got in a relationship with someone else. I was so hurt. Why would he do this?


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  • So sorry to hear your story... you did soo much for him and cared about him so much... but it seems he took you for granted, I really can't say why he did this to you... when you only loved and cared about him. And he got into a relationship with someone else so soon, I think he isn't worth you.

    • He really doesn't deserve me. It's so hard to swallow the fact that I did do so much for him and only got screwed over in the end.

    • ya sorry to hear about that... I hope you find a guy who really deserves you...

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  • Sounds like the guy is hurt and on the rebound and needy. I'd give him some serious space. You don't want to get used anymore.


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