Leave or stay with him?

So this guy we have been having sex with eachother for 3 years now and at one point he was my boyfriend we eventully broke up and now were "just friends" i put it like that because we still hook up are still on the phone till late hours of the night and we still say i love you till eachother. But i found out that he's talking to some girl that im not friends with. When i asked him about her he completely ignored the question and said that she really liked him. After that day we stopped talking for a week i hit him back up pouring my heart out and nothing really has changed. Everday its always somebody new telling me that he's talking to this girl and eveytime i ask him he denies it and says that they are just friends. Then last night he came to visit me and we were outside on my steps for the 2 hours just talking about anything & everything. When were together everything is amazing time slows down just for that moment. But when were apart is ww3. I don't know is it time to let him go?
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What Guys Said 1

  • This is ur decision but firstly u should know well what u really want... So ask ur self about him (do i have feelings for him?) so if u do have strong feelings for him and i think that u have, u should fight for him and not let go (why?)... becouse in this moment ur not totaly apart so this tells u that thers a chance to take him back.. So u told me that he is talking to a girl but he says that she's just a friend,, thats it he haven't forget u he has feelings for u... So get up and go to him.. Show ur feelings (why?) becouse one day after gaving up u will be regret about ur decision... Hope i helped ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't really let this continue because all it's really going to do is hurt you in the end. It sounds like he's just using you until he finds someone new, which he's in the process of doing now. You deserve much better than that.


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