Can't figure ex girlfriend behaviour out?

Hi people my ex is being really strange in her behaviour a few weeks ago she was trying to get my attention, I kept an eye on it for the sake of me trying to move on. After blocking her from Facebook she was making things really clear that she wanted someone's attention so I texted her she automatically started moaning at me saying she never loved me and why am I texting her she later apologised saying these things, we started off talking again and all she was doing was talking about herself and talking about how many dates she had been on and how the bloke she went on a date with had a better car than mine lol. Anyways after 3 days of this I just blocked her again and she phoned me being upset asking why I blocked her again I told her I'm not being a tampon and don't care to hear about other blokes that are doing things with her, she then said she never regretted breaking up with me and is the happiest she's ever been. She also said she has no feelings for me and move on I said ok have a nice life, she then said oh no you can text me but I won't get back with you as you havemt changed wtf lo. I left it a few days and said I don't like blocking people that I care about but won't put up with playing games and having her trying to make me jealous. Anyways I spoke to her again asking her how she was she texted back saying not good I have broken a bone in my back and is not ok. I asked how she done that and she told me but says I will be ok I have loads of partying to do so won't let it affect me, I knew it was bs so didn't text back she texted back after asking how I was so didn't reply for a day she then texted back saying that a photo on my what's app was horrible lol and just saying stuff to gage a reaction. I left it as that she then texted again asking me what I was getting her for her birthday I said I will send her a text that's it, she was not happy then started telling me what a "friend was doing for her birthday" why is she doing this is she crazy?


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  • She's crazy. That crap isn't necessary. She's just trying to show off and make you jealous or something, so she can prove to herself that she's really better off without you.


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