Should I just give up all hopes of us having a future together?

I've been crying all night because lately my boyfriend has been making me feel like a HORRIBLE girlfriend. I give him EVERYTHING he asks for. Sometimes he doesn't even ask and I just give it to him. For his birthday, he wanted some headphones, a soccer ball, and some book so I got him all of that including a letter which totaled up to almost $40. I gave him an iPod with 16GBS and he didn't ask for it but I knew he wanted one because he broke his other one. A few days ago he told me that nothing that I say ever sparks his interest when we're in person and that really hurt me because all this time I was talking for nothing. He asks me why I'm shy around him in person but he answered his own question by saying nothing I ever say sparks his interest. Then he told me I was the most negative girlfriend has ever dated and I'm really not. . . I tell him that those types of things that he tells me really hurts my feelings and it makes me insecure about myself as well and he apologized by saying "Sorry that I hurt your feelings. I'm just being honest." He barely has anything good to say about me ever. In his eyes I have more flaws than good qualities. I feel like when I talk to him instead of making him happy I get him mad. He gets mad at me for the littlest things and when I do apologize its never good enough. We haven't talked for about 17 hours because he got really upset with me for spoiling something BY ACCIDENT. He admitted to not really caring so much bc there's no point in caring if he's just going to get hurt at the end. I honestly feel like I'm not good enough at all and I don't make him happy. I usually express the way I feel towards him like if he hurts my feelings I would tell him but I dont see the point if he's just going to say that I'm way too sensitive.
I'm lost and I really dont know what to do. I'm crying just writing this. Should I just ignore him and stop thinking that he's going to change when he's not?
We've been together for 2½ months.
He said I was the most negative he's ever dated*


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  • 2 and 1/2 months is nothing! You must really love this guy! I'm just guessing but is he your first love? That always seems to make the process more complicated. Anyway it really sounds like he doesn't appreciate you enough for who you are or the things you do for him. You sound like a sweet girl I'm sure you can find someone better! If he is your first love I would put money on you getting back together with this guy down the line and really getting hurt.


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  • sweetie, if he doesn't appreciate you, you're not match. Sorry =/


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  • You seem really nice. If he doesn't appreciate you, he ain't worth your time.


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