Guys, would you still want to see your ex girlfriend and show emotions to her if you are not interested in getting back?

In other words, is it weird that a man hugs, holds and kisses his ex GF ( not sexually- it's like when you see her after months ) if you have no emotions toward her?
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  • I have had the pleasure of being deeply in love with 3 women in my years, each time the split however necessary is tough. Sharing your life with someone for so long means you still have an emotional dependence on that person even after a break up. Feeding that dependence can be damaging if there are still romantic feelings involved or if it gets in the way of new relationships. Normally over time people move on and loose that dependence or fills it completely with new people. I am still in touch with 2 of my ex's. We are now great friends and it's totally free from romance. If it bothers my girlfriends I will even dial it down and in cases stop talking to them. They understand how difficult it can be.

    • Well in my case he kept checking on me from a distance and sending texts here and there. He wanted to see me eventually and was behaving as if we are still together. The same looks, the same way of touching and playfully caressing me. But he later I had to pop the question of emotions and he said we are friends. He knows I was like confused but I just carried on like nothing happened.

      Why is he afraid of loving me?


    • Mmm, sounds like you want him back? If you do and he isn't interested you should tell him straight that it's confusing and may be he would be doing you a favour if he didn't see you anymore. It's hard to let go but if he is just stringing you along or keeping you confused an keeping those raw emotions present you need to spend time apart

    • I still have emotions for him, but his sight just made it harder for me because I trained myself not to expect to see him for months; then he comes and says he misses me.

      I felt afraid when I saw him first and I was not comfortable. But later things got familiar.

      I dated other guys after him but it was nothing serious.


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  • Ex's are not supposed to be friend.. Its just shows you still care for them.


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