We had a huge ugly break up. Miss her a lot, but now she sends her son?

My and ex and me argued and I walked away because I think screaming and shouting is just wrong. I refuse to call and she has not contacted me - very stubborn.

Been trying to move on but I think because of the way it ended it messed up my mind. I know my ex is close to her son in that she shares her feelings with him - 2 sides of the same coin. (It's pressure on the boy). Anyway, he saw me and started rabbitting on like no tomorrow about his school, life etc... (we really got on well before.) I did not mention my ex while we talked (bad idea) but wondering if a woman would tell her son to act like this?

It would have been easier if she told him to avoid me, which I know she could do...


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  • No good mom would tell her son to do that

    • So what would a good mom tell him?

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