Ex gf of 5 years hooked up with a guy 3 days after breaking up wit me. What does that say about her?

My gf of 5 years and I broke up like a month ago. She she said that she lost interest in me and she was with me because she was used to it. Not too long ago I found out that she hooked up with a guy that knew for a long time and I knew she thought he was hot. By the way, I was her first real boyfriend and the first one to have sex with. Anyways, she did that because she wanted to get over me faster. Do you think it helped her or does that mean she really didn't care about our relationship or what do you think about that? Is that good to do after breaking up?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well similar to her, I hooked up with a guy about a month after I split with my ex of 3 years. I was extremely heartbroken, but also felt extremely disgusted that I hooked up with a guy. I realized that getting over a breakup isn't about hooking up with the nearest guy who gives you attention. It's about being able to move forward and work on yourself. What does it say about her? That she was looking for an easy way out, a way to put a bandage on her wounds. It's never that simple. Wish I knew what I know today. Would've saved me a lot of heartache.

    • Its now been about a year since we broke up. And i met up with her one last time on her bday and she told me almost the same thing you said to me. She was glad that nothing else happened besides a hook up she doesn't regret it but she was thankful they didn't have sex cause she didn't know what she was thinkin. Thank you for the comment though it reasures me how breaking up isn't about hooking up with the person that lets you do it. But its moving on and filling the with yourself and bothing but yourself.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Break Ups are hard, and different for everyone. She may have been right in telling you that she just lost interest it happens. There could be other reasons that maybe she's not ready to tell you and may never will. I got dumped about 4 months ago. It sucked I was crushed I was even considering asking her to marry me this Christmas but I guess it wasn't meant to me. At least it doesn't look like that now... Maybe in the future we'll cross paths again.
    The first few weeks I didn't feel like doing anything, then I starting going out hanging with friends. An old ex called called me up and have had this friends with benefits thing going on, and I can tell you that Personally IT DOES NOT HELP. I thought it would, but it didnt. It still doesnt; there are times when I still think about my ex. I feel like calling her but I dont. She has reached out a few times, the next day I would reach out and she completely goes cold saying she was confused, still needs time to think about things. So because of that I haven't called her, wrote her, or anything. About a month or so ago she blocked me from Facebook. I figure if she wants to talk she will reach out to me. Maybe its the wrong approach but I dont want to bother her.

    I dont know if my ex has been with anyone but I wouldn't want to know. I think it would hurt to think of her with someone else. Even though I know its going to happen, she's a great girl and deserves to be happy. In your case maybe your ex thought it would help, maybe she was was looking for something to do or take her mind off things. But I dont think anyone could stay with someone for 5 years and not care about the relationship.
    Keep your up. In my recent experience with a break-up find things you like to do and go do them. Dont wait around expecting her to call you have to enjoy your time.
    I think TIME really is the best thing for a break up.

    • Thank you so much! That helps a lot and clear a lot of things. Yea I've been thinking about getting a friend wit benefits but I hear its bad. In my case none of us want to get back together but I do miss her very much she is a gorgeous and amazing woman unfortunately it didn't work out for us. But thinking about her hooking up with other guys it hurts. oh well, she's single anyways so she can do whatever she wants.

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What Girls Said 2

  • It sounds like the relationship ended because the spark was gone. The hookup broke that monotony. I don't think she was trying to get over you, just wanted the excitement.

  • She probably thought it would help... but no it never does.


What Guys Said 2

  • It doesn't do anything. I went through the same thing but it makes no difference. In fact going on a rebound does not help you mature, one of the main reasons we re-bound after a break up is that we want to feel loved... thats it. It is next to impossible though to feel whole just by fucking someone. To become a better you... you must avoid re-bounds at most costs and just work on you.

    • That is exactly the road i took and to be honest with you, its been a year since we broke up and I've never been happier in my life and i didn't go for any of those rebounds or anything. Which im proud of. Thanks. For the comment though very helpful!

    • Lol dude its been a year for me as well congrats man:]

  • She is a whore. Sorry you wasted your time.


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