Had anyone had to let go of the one person u loved most?

i was asking beocuse i had a guy witch i love so so much and still do, well i came to my self and i said the only was to be happy to know how my soul mate really is is to let go, and love my self and belive in my self, my freind told me once i do that life will be so much better, well i have been doing this for a week and let me tell u my life has changed a bit only getting better, my freinds with benifits i have even changed it better, i even went on a date my freinds want to hang out with me more and i am getting skinner, so my question is is there anyone out there doing the same thing as me , loving them self and using the law of attraction or anything like that, want to give tips, or need and tips from me?


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  • Actually, I once heard that the only way to be loved is to love yourself first. The guy I have loved the most let me down. I would die for him, I loved him more than I imagined possible. I really forgot myself, I didn't study, I didn't go out with friends, I didn't do anything that would make me happy simply because all my life revolved around him. I am trying now to put myself first.


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