Getting back together w my soulmate/ex gf/ex fiance?

My gf n I are technically broken up. We lived together n still do n still have sex. I was a jerk n she had a drinking problem. She is seeing someone else but its not serious. I want her back more than anything, what do I do?


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  • I have always found that just because two people Break Up doesn't mean that can't Make Up, and that it means: Goodbye forever, my love. And many times over, with an 'EX,' X Marks a spot in one another's heart, where they end up with----Friends with benefits. From where I am sitting this seems to be your case.
    However, with a bit More in the problem pot here, with her being hooked at the hip and her 'Drinking problem,' which I am sure hasn't gone away, there are Ingredients here that have conjured up a brew and it's what I call a: Triangle threesome. This means, you are way at the top looking down, from side to side at her and this Other half. And with this, it can get complicated and somewhat sticky, for your feelings for her are pulling at your heart strings, and you are in between a rock and a hard place here. You have two strikes against you: Her drinking and this guy she Claims is 'not serious.' Whatever her story, Both disabilities are involved, and you are stuck at the tip.
    Before trying to 'Want her back,' the problems that you both encountered before you started calling yourself this 'jerk,' May have been because she was this lush, and with this, Will cause many not so love potions in the brew, and 'Brew' up a lot of toil and trouble.
    Maybe you tried, but she should have seen professional for her pied eyed problem. Living with a drinker, becoming an Enabler for them, is not an easy task. And if it continues, there is always going to be these handicap horrors. That is One factor that Needs to get on the right path, Not the beaten path.
    Have a serious talk with her about how you feel. See what she says. And if she is tied even the tiniest tad with him, Nothing will Go anywhere as well.
    However, if she is content with what you both are doing, not giving up her lifestyle, not willing to stop seeing the 'non serious' No name, you have two choices: Go with her flow, hope for the best Or-----Give her her walking papers and just move on.
    Good luck. xx


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