Guys would you consider this?

If you dumped a girl, and after the breakup she took more care of herself and started looking super hot,
Would you consider wanting her back?

Like she realized she fucked up and still has some feelings for you?

Would it be considered?


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  • Nope, not really.
    If you ask me, you're approaching it the wrong way. I don't leave someone simply because they don't look 10/10. What matters is personality. MIGHT give her a second chance if she realized she fucked up, and fixed what's wrong. Improving looks... nah, won't help you.
    So... i'd say if the guy's worth getting back to, fix what made him leave you, not just make yourself look hotter (that'l just make you appear shallow imo).

    • Yep. may i add that if he gets back at you just because you look hotter and hasn't fixed (or at least is working on fixing) what made you break up, it's a telltale sign he wants your body, not your love...

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