He's moved on and it has hurt me?

Me and my ex broke up a year ago.
We have been seeing each other on & off since but decided to finish it completely recently because we realised that we can't be together.
He has started seeing someone else.
Him moving on hurts me so much and I don't know what to do?


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  • Finding out that After the fact, that it is just a 'Fact' with some couples who have split, that when it is time to move on, there's nothing more to say, nothing more one can do, that it wasn't meant to be after all. Your 'ex' who had marked his X in your heart, found this out, found another, and with this, it's your turn as well to move on.
    Yes, it stings like hell, you feel even that it might even have been a slap in your face, but a Reality 'Slap' that you needed in order to close the book to this chapter, a Closure even and with this, you finally know where you stand.
    First, as you lick your war wounds, spending some alone time soul searching, trying to piece your life And your broken heart back together, you need to talk to yourself and Tell yourself that even if he breaks it off with her tomorrow, for she just may be this rebound, You will Not go backwards, not go back with him, for now----You can't trust him that he won't pull the same scenario again, sweetie.
    End it with That, don't fall back into the trap of going back and forth with him, for this will not do you any good, you'll end up in the routine rut of being these friends with benefits and it will Not 'Benefit' you at all.
    Think of yourself now. You are the only one who matters. And of course, he may contact you with his troubles with another, no matter who it might be, I think it's best, for 'We realised we can't be together' Means----He has moved on from you and wants you to as well, and there is no looking back.
    For now, get yourself back in order. Don't hurry into any real relationship right now. Getting out of the house from time to time wouldn't hurt. Staying home and constantly moping is not healthy. And when you feel like just getting away from it all, call a few friends and start hanging out. It always helps to have a friend or two to talk things over with. This in itself is a great Pain Reliever.
    Good luck. xx


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