How long does it take to get over an ex girlfriend?

People mean a lot to me and she left me for another guy out of the blue ended it over the phone. I now see her at my college in the cafeteria and then I think about her actions and it makes me sad and then I reminisce and remember all her dirty deep down secrets I know about her and the type of person she really is when there is controversy. I do not want to think so negatively, but she won't even talk to me as a friendly gesture. I would talk to her, but I can't based on how it ended How long does it take before I don't even give her a second thought and how can I make this situation more positive? Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks again


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  • That happened to me. It's been almost a year since the break up, and I don't know if I'm completely over him yet haha I think right now, though, it's really important to focus on yourself. After I was broken up with, I got busy and that helped me tremendously. I got more involved with cheerleading and became the captain, finished my senior year as valedictorian, was crowned prom queen, got a job, started working out, went shopping more (lol this one was fun, but I spent a lot haha), started eating healthier, etc. It helped me not focus on him and missing him. And I don't mean focus on yourself like become overly conceited or anything, but you need to do what's best for you. I think you'll get over her faster than I will though, because he's still pretty active in my life. We have mutual friends and hang out in groups together. I actually saw him three days ago haha it's just a problem because he'll act like he likes me again, but then he'll outright stop talking to me for a little bit all while dating someone else. But her being separate from your life is a good thing in the long run. It hurts now, but it'll help in the healing process. I also think accepting the fact that they're dating someone else helps. But if you have any more questions, feel free to message me! I'll do the best I can to help :)

    • It does not hurt me. I would just like to be able to mend some kind of relationship such as a short conversation every once in a while. And I do not message random people. =)

    • Do you think she'd be open to a short conversation if you just stopped her in your college hallway or something like that? Just to be like, "Hey, I know thing didn't end that great.. I just want you to know that there aren't any hard feelings... I just want to be okay with each other... etc." Just being really light about it, kind, showing forgiveness. I don't think that'd be over stepping any type of boundaries, and if I was her, I'd really appreciate it. I'm one of those types of people where I don't like having bad blood with anyone and have actually had that conversation with my ex, and it worked. But yeah, I'm very random, so that's understandable haha

    • I do not like bad blood either, but unfortunately the ball is in her park. I can not approach or start the conversation, she has too. Also, she is the type of person that just runs away from her problems, so she tries to avoid me.

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  • To be honest this happened to me there is no exact date you will always hold the memories as hear a song that remind your of her but I'll tell you there will come a day when you find someone new or you will look at it and be like woah was I crazy I love that person to death but Look what I went though and it will be kinda a relief and you will feel happy vein out doing stuff with out her and that's when you know you made it to the other side ! And when you can drive as not tear up when a song that reminds you of them comes on the radio ! Good luck ! I understand how it is !

    • Haha, well I do not tear up and I am relieved I am no longer with that person. And I am happy doing stuff without her.

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    • Yes, but every time I see her, I still think about the mean person she was and I do not want to look at her from such a condescending viewpoint.

    • Well then that will have to come from with in eventually it' will change

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