I need to fix this, soon is her birthday,?

I've been dating a 24 yo single mother, and everything went fine, untill she out of the blue she texted me that we can be together. more then a month I've been trying to find out why, no answer, i went a bit to far, by following her. i didn't bombard her with texts, she does act strange, going hot and cold on me, she told me she wanted to be friends for now, but she didn't act like that. she acts like i did her wrong. so i followed her for 2 days, seeing where she was going. i know its wrong, but i want answers. i really liked her a lot, and i still care about her, but I've scared her. she is really scared of me, i never told her any creepy stuff, to me she is overreacting. im not justifying what i did, but my only intention was to find out about the trueth. within 3 days is her birthday, and its better if i let her be, but i have something here, i wanted to give her, since the day she got back. never ever thought about giving it to her again, i do want to give it to her, but not in a way that she thinks im actually hanging around her house. what should i do, i already informed a collegeau that please tell her, that she doesn't have to be scared of me. i want to put a small letter in an envelop, with those 2 keychains i still have, and tell her im really sorry, and that it wasn't about her, but about me, finding out why. and that i was wrong, dont think of me as a creep, it deeply affected me when i found that i scared her, on the other hand, it feels like she is overreacting,


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  • Well shit I'd be scared too... maybe something happened and she just needs some space... give her a little time and just leave the present, don't give it to her yet... give it too her when you've patched things up :)

    • she never caught me following her, but trust me she didn't treat me respectfull either, we both didn't deserve this, she blocked me on fb and whats app, but for a different reason. by the way i do think she has borderline, im not demonizing her, but i think she does. its hard to talk to her, i feel bad if i dont let her know, that i wish her a happy birthday, but at the same time i feel that im pretty much the last person she wants to hear the from. i really hope things get better between us, we had a great time, and i can't explain her distant behaviour, if she just would have talked to me , things would have gone different. im not the stalker type of guy anyway.

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  • You are being creepy. She wants nothing to do with you, so leave her alone. If she wants the keychians bad enough she'll figure out a way to get them. Just leave her alone, dude.

    • i dont concider it as creepy, ok i know why i did it but others dont, i also did it because im worried about her,

    • Well you can take it from independent sources that it is being interpreted that way. Just stop contacting her.

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