What should I do I just missed my ex after two years from breaking up?

i met my ex online three years ago , she is the one who askd me my number somehow we never met until our realtionship ended , even though we were living in the same city which made me think she was cheating on me , because other male friends alway take them to meet her freinds not me , anyway even though our realtionship wasn perfect she somehow made me feel loved she cared when i get upset she even call me hours until i tell her i forgive or until i say i still love her , after our break up two years ago i met her she met me next day to the day we broke up , she wanted our realtioship to last but i couldnt i felt im the second choice for her , but now after we broke up she refused to be my friends she said she wouldn't handle it if i dont answer her phone right away and call another girl , after months she messaged me saying that was her i thought she wanted me back but instade she called me to talk about her new bf i found her behavior is rude so i just left her again months later she messaged me saying its her but i said what do you want? , i was rude like her she never replaied , now more than two years passed and im still single , i didn find any girl who make me feel loved or at least give me a chance to love her , i dont know what happened to me , this is the first time since we talked i miss her this much , i know im pethetic to miss someone who maybe never really loved me , but i felt in love with her , what should i do why im still unable to love another girl i dont want to be single i want to have a reealtionship but i couldnt feel loved or love a girl again somehow i just see thier bad side right away getting close make me feel insecure , but i want to feel loved again and love someone again. whats wrong with me


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  • You need to move on. It's time. Fake it until you're actually doing it


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