Guys would you choose your baby's mother or woman who actually loves you?

Your baby's mom doesn't love you doesn't even let you kiss her. She got knocked up after 2 months of dating and you've supported her completely financially for the last year and a half. You're not married, she doesn't make you happy and you don't make her happy no matter how much you've tried. She also got you hooked on drugs that she also does and sees no problem with it.
Then you meet someone who you have so much in common with, adores you, encourages you to stop taking drugs, works her ass off, builds you up as a man, you can talk to her about anything, is beautiful and the love of your life.
Would you stay with your baby's mom thinking that is the better situation for your child and for you? Or would you start a new life with the woman of your dreams and be happy and healthy and overall a better father for the rest of your life?
You make a lot of money by the way child support is not an issue and you would probably get custody anyway because of the lazy garbage your baby's mom is. And you have been clean for months now due to this new woman.


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  • New life with the woman that actually loves me unless the kid shows unbelievable sporting ability.


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  • I wouldn't stay with a woman that didn't love me. That would be a nightmare. The woman that loved me would need to accept that I am a father, and have responsibilities to my child.

    I have never taken drugs so I can't really relate to that part. As a non drug user, a woman that wants to help me to be healthy is appealing, but an actual drug user might not like the idea of a woman trying to change that part of him.

    • Funny you say it would be a nightmare. We have been friends for 7 months and I told him last week that I had feelings for him and sorry I know he's taken but I feel like he should know because I can tell he's not happy even though he tries to sugar coat it. He said that before he met me he was living in a nightmare and was thinking about killing himself but didn't because of his daughter and he's so thankful he met me because I saved him. Only thing is he wants to be able to see his daughter any time he wants.

    • I think he would be better off getting off drugs, then trying to get the woman seen as an unfit mother, so he can get custody, before she does that to him. A child shouldn't grow up in a house where her parents are on drugs. He may not be able to get full custody, but at least part of the time his daughter would know what a stable home was like.

      He should talk to a lawyer, and start planning to get his daughter out of that environment. He needs to be careful about how he does it. If he moved in with you, the courts would look down on him for living with a woman he is not married to. This is why he needs to talk to a lawyer and come up with a solid plan.

      He may also be playing you. Some guys do that in order to give the new girl hope she has a chance at a relationship, so she will have sex with him. I am not saying that he is doing that, but it is something that happens.

  • I would choose the woman who loves me if I believe I would be happiest with her. If I'm raising a child this is doubly important to me. I do things best when I do them happy, I wouldn't be the best parent I could be unless I was happy.

  • He needs to stay with the mother. Love is temporary and he can grow to love the childs mother. The no brainer is he started drugs which means he can easily be lead down the wrong road. He had a child after 2 months which means he does not think or care. You are trying to paint a pig gold and sell it as the golden boy that he is not.

    Iff you bring him in your life, you have the trashy mom who will forever be kicking your ass with rude and nasty acts of hate and jealousy. The moment he has stress or is pissed at you he will run back to her. His drug problem is a life long choice, he will return because she will make it easy.

    How do you win? You love a guy who appears to put his wants first.

  • I choose my baby first

    • Yup that is what he's doing.

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    • Considering the fact that she doesn't work or have a car and is kinda high all day and night and he does everything for her i don't think she's going anywhere.

    • Meh wonderful

  • Adios momma. That's a no brainer


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  • First: "She also got you hooked on drugs that she also does and sees no problem with it." Oh for fuck's sake you'll be the best enabler on the block with that kind of excuse.

    Second: I can't really give you a good answer. On paper he should choose the woman he loves more. However, this was clearly written by the bitter "other woman" so the credibility of the post is nil. I'm sure his child's mother would have a few choice words about you, I mean, "the woman who actually loves him" as well.

    Third: if he allows himself to fall in love with some other chick while he is in a relationship, he's not that great of a dude.

  • This seems pretty biased.


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