Will I ever get my ex back? Does he Even wants me back?

I was going out with my Boss whom i really Fell in love with. He was my first dimp love and a man who only loved going out with white women, So me to be the first black Lady for him i felt really Lucky and loved... But he was a very jelous man But i really respected him so much, The Problem Start when he want to be Controlling my phone and start seeing some of my guyfriend Texting of how its long Time they never See me in the area or when at least we will be Meeting just to Talk about the old days.. That got him Petty upset and one thing to another the Problem become Worst i pleaded him that i have never been unfaithful towards him. One Night as we we're coming home from work a longtime friend Text me hallo and when are we going to meet. my ex saw the Text and got very angry and said that it was over from their.. I tried to call and explain all in no vain my two bestfriends trief too but he refuesed. I felt so dissapointed cried myself to sleep wish prayed but nothing changed but i left the Job and it has been six months now i never got the Courage to Date again. But just after two month we meet again and he knew everything that was Happening in mylife.. That made me think does he still love me or just cared about me can we ever come back together? In which i will love too


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  • so what's the proble for your ex?

    • I really can't say if it pride or just being jelouse.. Cuz he still Text my best friend to See how am doing but can't get the Courage to Text me..!

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