Do you think he might have feelings?

I am a 21 years old girl, met a guy around 30(i like older guys) in May, we really clicked & things got really serious very soon. We're from south east asia, so it was more romantic and commitment thing than pure physical or dating stuff. I felt so much in love and I really felt his love and attraction for me. He gave me most beautiful names and sweet stuff. Things were getting very intense and romantic between us, But suddenly one day i felt that i was getting overly emotional and should distance, we also had a few fights, so due to the fear of being hurt, i decided to cut contact with him, without informing him or breaking up. I decided to just 'disappear', just stopped talking and blocked him from everywhere we talked, with the intention that I might see him somewhere, sometime, and might get married and things will work out but at that time I didn't want to bother him or myself. I missed him every day and never deleted his pictures and his songs from my mobile and laptop. Recently, I decided to contact him again... and he is EXTREMELY angry with me, he is not ready to talk. The moment I send him a message, he replies 'leave me alone', 'i don't want to talk to you', 'i don't trust you' he is very angry and rude and mean and doesn't want to talk to me at all. He even said that if I try to message or call him again, he will block my number. Its been four months since i stopped talking to him, and now as far as I know, he doesn't have any relationship. He is not ready to talk to me.

Can anyone give me insight on whether or not he has moved on? Can I have a chance with him? Does his anger indicate that he might have any feelings for me still?


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  • Well you totally deserve that. Move on, you ruined this one. Take it as a lesson that people don't take kindly to their significant others falling off the face of the Earth.


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  • you asked that question already -.-


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