SOS I did NC but I don't know if I messed up to bad with first phone call?

Contacted her last Monday it was going well, she was surprised, asking me questions like how I been am I dating and even tried making me jealous by mentioning guys hit her her but she rejected them all. Any who that was my ten min convo but got sucked in sadly when she asked why I called lol than it went to thirty min and a bad texting convo for about 20. I eventually established a friendship still as RR says but I don't know if it still good or it has to be like they mentioned. She was surprised I agreed to be her friend and than start saying bs like you can’t get mad if I date or hook up with people but I stayed cool with short replies and than she eventually tried saying we shouldn’t talk and I stayed calm to which she said goodnight (childish) lol. Next day she text at 3:30 at night saying how she has a interview tomorrow at a dream job and how she need my help with a simple task (a phone number for military lol). I didn’t respond till noon and just said good luck tell me how it goes and gave her number. She kept texting I ignored her than she text me when she got the job and I said congratulations …she responded like she expected more …yup thanks again. That was Tuesday and today her b day I was thinking of saying happy b day with a funny video of her trying to dance with a turn up caption is that to much? And is the friendship I establish ok or should I use the message RR used? Was she being serious by bringing up guys or dates etc or was that to get me to react? What should be my next step? She really seem single on social media even though we don’t follow each other her friends says she not dating but she is talking to ppl. I just found out about RR and I feel like I may have messed up


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  • She likes you. Stop ignoring her. Sounds like a cute gift. You need to contact her and ask her on a date.

    • We been talking first time she was cool but I stayed on phone to long and she got cold and start saying stuff like we friends she will date or have random hook ups etc. I stayed cool because my bro said she mad and will say hurtful stuff to get a reaction. Once she saw I didn't react she changed convo lol. She text me next day bout dream job etc I played it cool and short. Talked twice through text than just friendly little laughs or whatever but she said I'm a associate now but mentioned she don't trust me which is weird. We had a phone convo and it was cool but I could tell she mad and upset about something and anything I said about a us or anything she was mad and flipped or changed convo. She saying f love she wants to be alone and single and just use guys and never talk to me again lol but she stayed on phone

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    • Lol I thought all woman were. Can you please help me because me talking to guys not helping and they give the same response everytime

    • My advice is to get a woman who does not play with you. Not all women do it.

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