Is this normal to feel this way after seperation?

Me and this girl really fell for each other. Her parents won't let us be together. I said on her 18th birthday we'll figure something out but Im three years older and her parents could use that against me. It's like 4 months away. But I've never felt this way.. I have anxiety all the time. Couldn't sleep for a while now I'm sleeping better. Constantly thinking about her. I feel anti social when I talk to people and it's difficult to focus on my studies. This is not me. This is driving me crazy. I know she feels the same way left me voice mail crying and balling. She said she would do anything for me yet I have this irrational fear that she is going to find some other guy and ignore me. This isn't me never been an emotional type of guy up until now. I've had relationships before. Just trying to be the strong one and not break down and call her. Need to be the man and keep my word.


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  • I don't know where you are, but look up age-related statutory rape laws in your area.

    Around here, both parties must be 16 or older, and if only one is a minor, the age difference cannot exceed 4 years.

    Look it up, her parents may have absolutely NO legal rights in this situation.


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