So that reaction is because he cares and regret what he did?

So I ''dated'' a guy for like 3 weeks and it end up very quickly because of him, he told me that he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and after that he went clubbing and kissed other girls. I was really angry at him so I cut ties and not taking to him anymore. We were interested since last year but nothing really happened because i was really shy, but i've changed now. We are in the same university and last week i saw him and i was with a friend. He is friend with her too and she knows what happened but he doesn't know that she knows and i saw him hesitating to come to say hi to her because i was here, but he didn't had the choice because she saw him. So he came and when he came I got up to go somewhere else because i didn't want him to be here. He asked my friend why I was acting like that and he was kinda questioning her (that's what she told me). I forgot to mention that the day i cut ties i kissed another guy to forget him. She told him that i kissed another guy and she told me that he was kinda disconcert… So that reaction is because he cares and regret what he did?
anyoooooone please?
guys please anyone?
pleeeeeeeeeeeeease :)


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  • No it means he doesn't really care


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