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WHY WOULD YOU wanna be friends with ex if you are in a relationship? My ex wants to be friends and siad she is still in love with me and has feelings but doesn't want to be that girl that always goes back to her ex? Should I say friends or go NC? Will she forget about me or think I have moved on? Or would I be a back up?


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  • Don't be her friend. In my opinion, women who are in relationships with men and end it do not need to keep the guy around as a friend if they have no intentions of rekindling the relationship. That can be misconstrued by the man as, a possibility of getting back together when, it's nothing more than the woman being needy and afraid of being without male attention, favors etc. This only applies to single women without children. If, a couple has kids, they should try to attain a friendship between them for the sake of the kids or at the very least some level of courtesy.

  • Personally I dont think you can be friends with an ex. Too many emotions were once involved.


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