My ex-girlfriend is incredibly upset I had sex with someone else?

My girlfriend and I were together for almost 3 years. For about the last 1-1.5 years we fought a lot. We rarely saw eye to eye. At times it got very unhealthy by a lot of screaming and anger. At times we'd be best friends, then hate each other. I love her and care for her, but we had to break up. We broke up about 2 months ago.

About a month after we broke up I began seeing someone named Emily. It was very casual. We had sex a few times, but I realized I was too upset to continue my relationship with this girl. We only "dated" for about a week or two.

A month after "dating" this girl (in total, two months since I broke up with my ex) my ex contacted me and really wanted to hang out again. I missed her so I thought I'd give it a try. We spent a few days together and things were great. However, one day recently my ex found some of Emily's clothes in my bedroom. It was obviously impossible to deny what happened. So I just had to tell her the truth, that I slept with someone after we broke up.

My ex is heart broken because I moved on so fast, even though the sex was meaningless. She's making me feel like I cheated on her. We were broken up for a month and didn't speak at all during this time.

What do I do? I feel so terrible now and my ex is devastated.


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  • Many times when two people Break up they find they Do Make up and with this, doesn't always mean: Goodbye, my love. And With an 'EX,' X Marks a spot in both hearts, whether it be for friends with or without benefits or even trying to be Civil at least. And of course, there are times, when either one or both Meet someone new, and if that doesn't pan out, maybe it's this Rebound romance, it Can have its side affects and a Price to pay in the end-----Hurting the one you started with, should the cat get out of the bag...
    As you can see, her claws have extended, she is being territorial as Puss n boots, which she by rights has no Busy body being. You both were apart, you were most likely still licking your war wounds, and along comes Miss Priss, that later on you gave the boot to, Now Not seeing hide or hair Nor most likely Care to. And even though you could explain your 'Meaningless sex' until the cows come home, won't cut any ice with this pussy cat. It's probably going to take her a long time to get over it, Trust you, even though you are Not exactly Back hooked at the hip again, and Now she is crying over spilled milk. This could go on and on, maybe even having her throw some fur up in your face... The 'Price' I am speaking of.
    All you can do is Continue to talk to her. Try and make her realize that you Both were Not even this item, and that it Meant Nothing, she's gone and forgotten, and hope that in time she will change her muddle mind.
    However, if it gets to the Point that she won't let up, she becomes incessant with the Obsession of it, and she turns on you like a Cougar, you may have to take a break from her, telling her until she calms down, stops hissing and pissing about the past, that you will not stay for the Ball Act, with her foaming at the mouth and all...
    If you stand for this, you will always stoop to whatever poop she may throw your way... Especially if it deals with the past and even when you both Were Two birds of a feather.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Dont feel bad. obviously, you guys dated for 3 years so moving on for her was hard, cause she's used to you being next to her for almost 3 years. Don't feel bad. You didn't cheat, you were suffering in your own way trying to move on.


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