How do you know he's NOT your future husband?

None of my relationships were more than a few months long.

I've been with my bf just 3 months now, the time I broke up my past relationships.

I was happy just a few weeks ago and it's like all of a sudden out of nowhere I am getting these nagging feelings like maybe he is not your future husband.

Does this mean it's over? I've just been having these feelings in the past week or so, and in that time I started the birth control pill. Could the pill be messing with my mind? Am I getting hesitant because this is the time I usually break up with someone?

Did you ever have doubts and still ended up happily with the person?


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  • Your future husband is a fake idea. Keep enjoying the relationship and give it a chance past the 3 month point, if only just to overwrite the association in your mind with that length of time and breaking up, then if you don't see your bond deepening, if you don't find yourself more comfortable/open, happier, then move on. It's a normal process. It's not normal to find your 'future husband' the first time you ever date someone, but people force it to happen hence the 50% divorce rate. You're a unique person, there's 3.5 billion unique men out there, I don't understand why anyone would expect to find a perfect match easily.


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  • I read somewhere before that taking the pill can cause you to stop being attracted to your partner, but the study didn't seem so definitive. You may want to experiment by getting off the pill.

    In my case, I usually know from the first date how far i'm going to go with someone. I can't pinpoint exact the reason why. Women's intuition maybe...

    • I was having all these super positive feelings about him from the beginning of our relationship until the past few days.

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  • I think it's normal to have doubts, especially once you have been with the same person for longer than you're used to. I've been in my relationship for about 5 years, it's the only serious relationship I've been in, and sometimes you do wonder if things will happen like you thought they would. There are so many choices in life and probably the worst part is that there is no one "right" choice - you just have to do what feels right and what makes you happy. I would just advise to think long and hard before you make a permanent decision.

  • Maybe you could have a fear of the 3 month Blue's. Ask yourself, Does he make me happy more then sad? If yes, relax and try to go on a date or go out with some friends to take a day or two break from seeing each other. You might start to miss him..


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